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Smoking Vapor's latest concentrate focused line of replacement pods, the Wi-Pod, utilizes a unique, specially constructed heating element and pod design for an optimal experience with more viscous liquids such as concentrates, oils, CBD, or distillates. Just like standard Mi Pod replacement cartridges, the Wi-Pod design utilizes Smoking Vapor's patented OAS (Oil and Air Separated) system to minimize leakage while maintaining a wide airflow path that allows for incredibly thick vapor production while also enabling the pods to retain up to 1.2mL of herbal oils or distillates. Each pod features a 1.25Ω ceramic heating element fashioned for the express purpose of generating intensely flavorful and surprisingly potent vapor when used with concentrates. Just like the standard Mi-Pod cartridges, Wi-Pod replacement pods make use of a side fill port, but this time around the slot has been widened to allow for filling using distillate syringes. Compatible with the original Mi Pod nicotine salt pod system as well as the Wi Pod pod system, Wi-Pod cartridges have been designed from the ground up to offer a sublime oil and concentrate vaping experience.

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