Vandy Vape - Mato RDTA


Color: Frosted Grey
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The Vandyvape Mato RDTA combines the best of an rda and rta. As a topcoiler, the deck is mounted above the tank, which is of great benefit to the taste. The Mato is also able to boast dense, compact steam even with moderate battery power from 45 watts. The deck is postless and designed for one single coil. However, this can be very sporty, as the Mato also holds particularly thick wires with a diameter of up to 6 millimetres. To shorten the wire ends to the appropriate length, a coil trimmer is included. With this you can trim the ends in eight steps between 4 mm and 11 mm (7 mm is recommended). The coil is then simply inserted into the postholes at the bottom of the deck and fixed with two screws, done! A real highlight is the airflow system. The tank is designed for DL (Direct Lung), but at the same time the draw resistance is clearly noticeable even with the airflow completely open. Before reaching the coil, the air is guided through 13 small holes on each side and swirled. This technology further intensifies the taste. Four stainless steel wicks ensure very good liquid flow. The wicks extend from the deck to the tank bottom and reliably transport the liquid upwards even when the tank is almost empty. All you have to do is loosely place the cotton wool on the wicks and you're ready to go.

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