A march against the ban of vape flavours is happening in Montreal

"Rights4Vapers and the Coalition des droits des vapoteurs du Québec are gearing up for the Vape Tour 2021. The 26-date tour is a protest against the Government of Canada’s ban on vape flavours, set to stop in Montreal on Aug. 28 and 29.

The proposed ban would go into effect at the beginning of 2022. The organizations share a mutual concern that the ban will result in Canadians returning to traditional tobacco products.

“Flavours are an important component to the vaping experience for adult smokers,” explain Rights4Vapers in a press release. “Flavours help smokers migrate from traditional cigarettes to vapor products.”

The first march and rally will take place tomorrow in Ottawa. The tour will also hit Sherbrooke, Chateaugay and Niagara Falls, among other Canadian cities.

Rights4Vapers will be vlogging throughout the entire tour. Earlier today, the organization shared a video of their first day on the road. The team and their eccentric tour bus visited the Health Canada building in Ottawa.

Rights4Vapers kicked off the Vape Tour 2021 in the nation’s capital.

“We have been able to meet with some of the different shops in Ottawa that are supporting the protest which is happening on Saturday,” explained event organizer Maria Papaioannoy-Duic in the video. “We have given out t-shirts, protest signs and we are getting more excited with every shop that we stop at.”

For more information on Vape Tour 2021’s Montreal events, please visit Rights4Vapers’" (Wavvy et al., 2021)


*All credit goes to Mr. Wavvy from CultMTL. Follow the link under citations to view the original article*


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