New Year Aspirations!

Hello all of you beautiful people and welcome to 2021! 

2020 was one tough year for all of us but we made it through by sticking together! Now let's continue to stick together through 2021! 

With 2020 being such a downer of a year, it is only proper to start off 2021 on an uplifting note! We at VIP Vape invite you to make some new years resolution goals! Here is a list of some of VIP Vape's goals for 2021.

1. Continue expanding. As I am sure most of you already know we have recently opened a new VIP Vape location in New Hamburg & Woodstock with our Hanover location close behind! 

2. Engage with YOU more. We at VIP Vape pride ourselves on the high amount of communication we share with our customers but we think we can do even more! We want to engage with the community even more and make everyone's experience at VIP Vape one to remember!

3. Expand our social media following. VIP Vape loves social media! We love being able to deliver content for all you amazing people! Even more so, we love helping others stay informed on what is going on in the vape community. With that in mind we want to expand to reach even more amazing people to show everyone how engaging & positive the vape community is! 

These are a few of our many goals, and we will be sure to make more as the year goes! Let us know in the comments below your #1 goal going into 2021 and together we will make it happen! 


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