Demon Killer - 7 In 1 Prebuilt Coils


Options: Mix N Match 2 coils
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The Demon Killer is a 7 in 1 Prebuilt Coil Pack that is made of Kanthal and perfect for advanced vapers who use an RTA, RBA, RDA & RDTA's (Rebuildable tank options) or for anyone looking for the convenience of having a pre-made coils without the hassle of building to a specific rating.


  • Alien V2 Coils -0.25ohm, 3.5mm inner diameter
  • Tsuka Coils -0.25ohm, 3.5mm inner diameter
  • Clapception Coils -0.35ohm, 3.0mm inner diameter
  • Framed Clapton Coils - 0.26ohm, 3.5mm inner diameter
  • Tri-Twisted Coils -0.35ohm, 3.5mm inner diameter
  • Spaced Clapton Coils -0.35ohm, 3.0mm inner diameter
  • Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coils -0.30ohm, 3.5mm inner diameter

Please Note: Kanthal Wire may be ONLY used in Power (wattage) mode

Be Advised:

This product is intended for advanced users only. By purchasing this product you agree that you are knowledgeable of the nature of this product and release EsmokerCanada from any liability stemming from the product's use. With prebuilt coils the Ohm Readings will vary from reader to reader. If you use 2 coils then the resultant resistance of the build will be 1/2 the printed Ohms on the package.

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