Yocan - Hive Automizer


Type: Concentrate
Options: Single
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The Yocan Hive Atomizer can be used for runny concentrates and those that are thick and almost rubbery. Two varieties offer different experiences depending on which material you’re using. A 1.0-Ohm atomizer uses inert and pure quartz crystal for cleaner and smoother vapor production when using thick and heavy oils. Oils with thick and heavy consistency vaporize better in higher temperatures and the Yocan Hive Atomizer with 1.0-Ohm resistance can ramp faster and reach higher temperatures quicker than the average atomizer. Leaving you less prep time and more time to enjoy the benefits of your thick concentrates.

Relatively, the atomizer with 1.8-Ohm resistance is best for runnier extracts such as CBD oil and other essential oils. The 1.8-Ohm atomizer features a leak-proof design which ensures that fluid extracts will not leak or spill on and inside the vaporizer which could damage the battery and cause unnecessary issues.

Both varieties offer superb vaping experience making the Yocan Hive Atomizer a truly practical option for liquefied material aficionados.

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